Jegrasa is a hotel resort located in Canada,Spain. Pertaining to the Group of canada and spain, we are a Canadian family business with more than 15 years of experience in residential and hotel tourism on the Costa del Sol.

Jegrasa is one of the business group’s most current, stand-out projects in hotel tourism. We are an innovative tourist complex on the Costa del Sol, being the only All Inclusive resort and the only establishment to combine family recreational activities with the versatility of business tourism. Our wide range of services, spacious settings, diverse establishments and responsible management enable Jegrasa to offer more than 3500 hotel beds twelve months a year.

At Jegrasa, it’s our mission to be leaders in international tourism for different reasons: for providing a distinguished, quality service associated with responsible actions, for offering our clients perfect facilities, and for being at the forefront of innovation.

Following this business aim, we set aside a percentage of our profits each year for the improvement of our facilities and products. That’s why we are delighted to present the following improvements for the 2015 season.

The most important is the profound renovation of our Holiday Village after its tenth anniversary, with this refurbishment costing two million Euros. It included: · The renovation of its rooms · New room categories, including family rooms which can accommodate up to 6 guests · The modernisation of its restaurants · The creation of new restaurants, such as the “American Restaurant” · New spaces for children, including the Baby Creche · New leisure zones, such as “High Ropes”

We have also worked on other facilities available at Holiday: · High-speed WiFi in rooms and communal areas · New sports facilities for “Power RD Training”, a full outdoor entertainment programme by the sea. This is a programme that unites the best sports disciplines – including body control, suspension training, functional training, power fit and beach running – to create an activity programme that’s perfect for working on your stamina and reducing stress. · Investing in better energy efficiency management · New outdoor spaces for the hosting of events · Management programme for the real-time control of hotel cleaning and maintenance through 4G mobile devices.